Level is a value of power used by players and monsters alike. The objective of the game is to get to level 10; once achieved, the game ends. It is possible, albeit unlikely, for a tie to occur.

All players start at level 1. Players can go up a level by using a corresponding card, killing a monster, selling 1000 gold pieces worth of items, or assisting a player kill a monster with a certain card. As well, players can go down levels by escaping certain undead creatures, obtaining certain "bad stuff", curses, stealing a level, and death.

Certain monsters and cards can alter the amount of levels gained through succeeding in combat. Any boss monster (usually a monster that is level 16 or higher) will yield 2 levels, and adding in monsters to fight alongside other monsters will yield an extra level. As well, some monsters offer an extra level if defeated via special circumstances.

To achieve level 10, the player cannot achieve level 10 by using a Go Up a Level Card or selling 1000 gold pieces. As well, cards used in certain situations can interfere with getting level 10, even if a requirement to get level 10 is met. Players must do one of the following to get level 10 and win:

1. Defeat a monster. 2. Assist a player using a card that lets you level up from doing so. 3. Use a card that lets you level up and win with the right requirements (ie. Divine Intervention whilst being a Cleric) 4. Obtain multiple levels by beating a boss monster or a monster that was modified to give more levels.

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