Arrrrr, me buckos!

Munchkin on the seven seas - now the munchkins are scurvy seafarers, talking with the worst accents they can manage!


You can have Classes:

  • Merchant
  • Navy
  • Pirate

You may not belong to more than one Class at once unless you play the Super Munchkin card.


You can have Accents (they are like Races in the original game):

  • British
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish

You may not have more than one Accent at once unless you play the Bilingual card.

Special cardsEdit


Dear to a seafaring munchkin's heart is his sturdy Ship. Ships are found in the Door deck.

Normally, no player an have more than one Ship. Ships are Items, and follow normal Item rules. Anything that affects an Item can affect a Ship.

Ships carry themselves. A Ship is "Big", but it does not count against the number of Big Items you can carry (in fact, some let you carry extra Big things). The "Big" designation on Ships is to control what Traps and Curses affect them, and to keep Thieves in a blender game from pocketing them and walking off.

Ship enhancersEdit

Enhancers cannot be moved between ships.


The ocean is full of sharks... and when one appears there are more nearby. Whenever any Shark is in combat, any player may play any other Shark from his hand to join it. Some Sharks don't have "Shark" in their monster name, but they all have a "Shark" tag above their monster name.

Total: 168 cards

There's also an expansion: Munchkin Booty 2: Jump the Shark

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